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About Home Sweet Homestead

Welcome to Home Sweet Homestead! Grab a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea and join us on our front porch for a visit. Every week we'll bring you easy, down-home recipes, creative D.I.Y. ideas, ways to live a more frugal lifestyle and so much more! I want to bring back a simpler way of life, where families sit down to a home cooked meal together every day, growing as much of that food as possible with their own hands. In today's fast-paced world that's not easy, but with a little effort, it IS possible, and so worth it.

*For the last several years due to health issues and adult onset allergies, I've been following a grain-free Flexitarian diet. My husband loves his meat and bread though, so you'll find recipes for any and all diets here! *A Flexitarian is a person who follows a plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat products. I avoid chicken, eggs and several other foods after being diagnosed with allergies and intolerance's to them in 2013.

The woman behind the blog: I'm a dedicated wife and empty-nest mother of five, as well as Mamaw to two adorable grandbabies. I reside in small-town Southern Indiana, along with my husband Joe, and enjoy a fulfilling life on our 3 acre homestead. Now that we are on our own, we have started traveling more in our RV, and love finding new places to explore.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you again soon!

Joe & April